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30th April 2018

Tackling obesity: What the UK can learn from other countries

Thinktank 2020health has today published a new report ‘Tackling Obesity: What the UK can learn from other countries’ which explores a number of programmes and policy measures being implemented globally to tackle childhood obesity.

The latest report builds on two previous reports published by 2020health on the topic of obesity.

The first report, Careless Eating Costs Lives focused on a range of solutions, many of which were connected to diet.  The second report, Fat Chance? Exploring the evidence on who becomes obese, examined 16 data-sets to determine ‘who’ is obese in the UK and what are the determining correlates linked to rising levels of obesity.

All three reports have been funded by unrestricted educational grants from AB Sugar and the views expressed within these reports do not necessarily reflect those of AB Sugar.

3rd May 2016

Dentist Dr James Russell joins Making Sense of Sugar’s team of experts (250kb, pdf)

Dentist Dr James Russell has joined the Making Sense of Sugar’s team of experts. James is the youngest ever dentist to receive the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s accreditation and is well-known for his appearances as the dental expert on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies.

4th November 2015

Fat Chance? Exploring the evidence on who becomes obese – press release (20kb, pdf)

Fat Chance? Exploring the evidence on who becomes obese – full report (720kb, pdf) 

A year on since their last report Careless Eating Costs Lives, 2020health has released a new study examining the wealth of current knowledge and data on obesity. The study seeks to address one crucial question: ‘Who exactly is becoming obese?’

The study looked at 16 data-sets to determine ‘who’ is obese in the UK, and what are the key correlates linked to rising levels of obesity. Julia Manning, Chief Executive, 2020health believes the report confirms the incredibly complex nature of the challenge that we face to improve the health of the nation.

4th September 2015

Our response to Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush documentary

Following Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush documentary on Channel 4, Katharine Teague, Head of Advocacy urges policy-makers to be mindful of the unintended consequences of focusing on one type of ingredient and therefore calls for a cross-departmental taskforce to be explored to tackle the complex issue of obesity.

17th July 2015

Our responses to SACN’s report (39kb, pdf)

Sharon Fisher, Communications Manager and Katharine Teague, Head of Advocacy welcome today’s SACN report but comment on the challenges the guidelines present for consumers and the potential unintended consequences of focusing on one type of ingredient in isolation to solve the obesity crisis.

26th June 2015

Our response to That Sugar Film (39kb, pdf)

Sharon Fisher, Communications Manager, explains how there is no silver bullet for solving the obesity crisis and that it is far too simplistic to see it as simply removing or reducing sugars out of food.

29th May 2015

Our statement for Action on Sugar’s release on children’s fruit snacks (39kb, pdf)

Katharine Teague, Head of Advocacy, explains how the story shines a light on the fact that it can be confusing for parents to work out what foods to give their children as part of a balanced diet.

23rd April 2015

Our response to editorial in British Journal of Sports Medicine entitled ‘It’s time to bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity; you can’t outrun a bad diet’ published 24 April 2015 (39kb, pdf)

People are continually bombarded with new research which leads to advice about what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to their diet and lifestyle. Today’s from the British Journal of Sports Medicine is the latest. Our concern is these stories just seek to confuse people further and understandably cause them to switch off, which is not helpful to anyone.

5th March 2015

Mums urged to reset ‘diet dial’ and live by 80/20 rule – Press Release (270kb, pdf)

Following the trend of mums trying new diets at the start of the year to battle the excesses of the festive period, new research reveals that a third (34%) of mums admit to having tried a ‘quick fix’ diet already this year.

19th December 2014

Brits consume twice as many calories on Christmas Day as Great War ancestors – Press Release (70kb, pdf)

Read the report and see a range of photos of what Christmas meals have looked like through the ages (570kb, pdf)

Watch our video of Christmas plates past, present and future on YouTube.

Today Brits consume twice as many calories on Christmas Day as our Great War ancestors. Research by food historian, Dr Annie Gray, combined with polling by AB Sugar, reveals the extent to which our food, drink and lifestyle habits have evolved over the past 100 years, particularly when it comes to our Christmas Day festivities.

12th November 2014

Our response to recent research into children’s fruit juices (35kb, pdf)

Fruit juices and smoothies typically provide the same quantity and type of sugars as you would find in an equivalent amount of fruit. They will also typically contain the same vitamins and minerals found in the fruit from which they are prepared.

13th October 2014

Careless eating costs lives – press release (20kb, pdf)

Careless eating costs lives – full report (720kb, pdf)

Nothing less than a cross-sector 5-10 year strategy is required to tackle the obesity crisis, according to a new report by 2020health.

Click the links below to read a selection of media coverage the 2020health report has received to-date.


23rd September 2014

Reformulation not a straight-forward solution to UK obesity (87kb, pdf)

New research from AB Sugar reveals that the UK’s health-conscious consumers may unknowingly be increasing their calorie consumption by actively choosing low-sugar or low-fat products.

17th September 2014

Making Sense of Sugar Campaign Launched By AB Sugar (496kb, pdf)

As the obesity debate continues to capture the nation’s attention, a new campaign launches today, Making Sense of Sugar, to help inform and educate people about sugar, the role it can play as part of a healthy balanced diet, and to help people to make better informed choices about what they consume.