How sugar is made

Below you can find out how sugar (sucrose) is manufactured and the journey it takes from the farm.

Where does sugar come from?

The common ‘sugar’ (sucrose) used is made up from glucose and fructose and is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet.







Sugar cane is grown in tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world, including South Africa, Brazil, India, Mauritius and the West Indies. It is an enormous grass, growing as high as five metres and the sugar is stored in its long stalk as a source of reserve food for the plant.








Sugar beet is a root crop and is grown in more temperate parts of the world. This plant stores sugar not in its stalk, but in its root. It is grown throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, China and many more countries.

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  • Sugar (sucrose) produced from either beet or cane is chemically and functionally identical and contains the same number of calories at four calories per gram.