How much is enough? Let’s talk about portion sizes for kids

Posted 25 February 2019

For many of us, working out how much food and drink to give our kids can at times feel a bit like a guessing game. Whilst we may have a clear idea of what foods we want our families to eat, how much they should eat and drink in order to have a balanced diet is often less clear. 

To help you, Making Sense of Sugar has gathered some helpful expert resources on portion sizes, as well as teamed up with The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) and Paediatric Nutritionist Ana-Kristina Skrapac to get their top blog tips on how to make sure your families are not only getting the right food, but just as importantly the right amount of drinks each day.

First off, check out Paediatric Nutritionist Ana-Kristina Skrapac’s blog where she looks at how to achieve the right balance between the food groups, making sure your child is getting enough of the energy they need from the different food types.

If you’re looking for some top tips on how to encourage your children to eat appropriate amounts of food, take a look at this blog from Nutrition Scientist Helena Gibson-Moore from the BNF. From opting for smaller plates to help control portion size for younger children to resisting piling children’s plates with food – all easy tips to follow in the kitchen.

In her other blog, Helena looks at the principles of the Eatwell Guide and advises that, when it comes to serving the right portion sizes for children, you can compare the size of their hand as a guide for how much smaller their portion should be compared to yours.

For more information, you can also watch our video which will give you some ideas from the BNF on what balance can look like throughout the day for your children.

We hope our experts’ advice and resources help to take out some of the guess work when it comes to your kids mealtimes. If you want to test out what you’ve learnt then have a go at our quiz and get some more useful facts – for example, did you know that the amount of food and drinks a child requires is affected by their size, age, gender and activity level?

Making Sense of Sugar team

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