Easy ways to burn calories

Exercises and workouts you can do anywhere

We know that exercise is good for us – being more active not only improves our health but can also support our overall wellbeing and quality of life! If you’re not sure where to start to get more active, technology is one of the tools that can help.


We’ve sourced a range of easy exercises and home workouts that you can do anytime and anywhere, along with a list of fitness apps to give your whole family inspiration to stay fit and healthy…


Use these 4-minute flash workouts on days when you’re pressed for time

  1. Express Abs Workout Tone your stomach and abs with a workout that strengthens the muscles around your core.

  2. Arms & Abs Strengthen your arms and tone those abs. This range of exercises will give your arms a full workout in next to no time.

  3. At-Home Full Body At home with a few minutes to spare? Why not use the time to tone your body and build your strength with this easy home workout.

  4. Express Legs You only need 10 minutes to work your lower body with this express circuit. Perfect for mid-week evenings or mornings!


  • Physical inactivity is now identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality (3). So, as well as following a balanced diet, keeping active plays a crucial role in promoting overall health.