Top tips for understanding calories by Dietitian, Helen Bond

6th March 2017

When it comes to helping your family enjoy a balanced diet and lifestyle, there are many things to think about including how many calories our bodies need to stay healthy. In my last blog – Let’s talk calories – I looked in detail at the subject of calories: what the term actually means and where

Let’s Talk Calories with Dietitian Helen Bond

6th February 2017

When it comes to maintaining your weight, there’s no arguing that calories are definitely something you need to consider. Ask any dietitian, for advice on making diet and lifestyle choices for overall health and you’ll hear the same thing – don’t forget to keep an eye on your calories. To get you thinking about the

Helping Fussy Eaters become Food Explorers

26th September 2016

I meet many parents who feel like mealtimes have become a battleground, and struggle with their child’s fussy eater behaviours. Picky eating in children is common and is often seen to peak in toddler years. So, what makes a child fussy around food? What should you be mindful of? How can you help children become

Children and dental health

12th September 2016

As a dentist and a father to two boys I know it can be hard sometimes to get your children to brush their teeth. Even when you manage to get them to the bathroom, they can then be fussy about what toothbrush they want to use or for how long they will brush their teeth…Many

Get the facts on your foods and drinks

1st August 2016

Making every day food and drink choices for the family can sometimes be a challenge, especially when there is so much conflicting information in the media about what to do. At Making Sense of Sugar we want to help you have the information you need to make informed choices for you and your family when