5 life hacks to keep the balance but save time

15th January 2019

With busy working lives and jam-packed after-school schedules, the idea of finding the time to meal-prep, cook from scratch and stand over the cooker for the evening can sometimes feel like quite a challenge. Add into this the importance of giving your family a balanced diet and it can suddenly all feel like a challenge

5 life hacks to keep the balance but save money

2nd January 2019

Eating well can seem like bit of a struggle if budgets are a bit tight. But by making a few small tweaks to the way you shop, cook and eat, you can have a healthy balanced diet without breaking the bank. Plan plan plan! Being prepared and planning your meals can help you cut down on

Keeping the balance: tips on eating well when eating out by Dietitian Helen Bond

9th November 2018

If you’re a regular at the local coffee shop after the school drop off, partial to grabbing a sandwich at lunchtime with work friends or enjoy a take-away with the family at the weekend, you may well be familiar with the challenge of maintaining a balanced diet when eating food prepared outside of the home.

Cosy nights and winter walks: how to make the most of this time of year

22nd October 2018

Summer already feels like a distant memory now with Halloween and Bonfire Night almost upon us. So what does this mean for what we eat and drink as the seasons change and as the nights draw in, how do we keep active? At Making Sense of Sugar we’ve put together some ideas and tips to

Getting ready for the new school year?

31st August 2018

As we approach September, we’re all frantically trying to get the kids ready for the new school year – whether it’s getting back into the routine of early starts in the morning, the school run or working out what to put in their lunchboxes that’s quick and easy. So, at Making Sense of Sugar we’ve