Back to school: Tips to help your kids get the best possible start

Posted 30 August 2019

As we hit September, its’s back to reality for many of us as the end of the school holidays approaches. That means back to packing lunchboxes, hectic drop offs and negotiating with the kids to do their homework.

So, at Making Sense of Sugar we’ve pulled together some tips from our experts which may help relieve some of those back to school stresses:

Getting creative with lunch boxes

If packing lunchboxes fills you with dread, look no further than our recipes page, with some great ideas for recipes to make lunchtime at school a little more exciting (and healthy too). Or if you want some help in choosing what goes in those lunchboxes, check out our Guide to Sugars –  where you can find out about the sugars and calories typically found in some of your kids’ lunchbox favourites.

How much is enough?

Getting back into the school routine can be a challenge especially when it comes to mealtimes – the kids may have been eating at slightly different times and even eating and snacking more if they have been particularly active. With help from the British Nutrition Foundation, we have lots of advice around how to create a healthy balanced diet for your kids while managing their portions.

In this blog, one of BNF’s own Nutritionist Scientists shares her insight on what proportion of foods should make up your child’s diet and gives  advice on how to figure out portion sizes for your kids.

 If it is more helpful for you to visualise portion sizes, head to our video on what a healthy balanced diet could look like throughout the day or check out our practical bite-sized tips if you’re strapped for time.

Tips to help your kids enjoy a balanced diet

Paediatric dietitian Ana-Kristina Skrapac explains that managing how much kids eat is a consistent theme that parents raise when they visit her. Here she shares some quick-fire tips, such as giving your kids snacks that provide nutrients or encouraging them to drink water frequently.

And if you are looking for further inspiration when it comes to snacking, check out the Change4Life website where you can find a whole range of snacks which all meet the Government guidelines calorie snacks, no more than twice a day.

After school activities

While back-to-school inevitably means homework for the kids, don’t forget to make time for some fun activity and family time – not least whilst we still have some good weather.,. For inspiration, head to our activity finders or check out some of our suggested fitness apps for an easy way to boost your family’s fitness.

We hope this helps you with your back-to-school preparations and remember that you can keep up to date with the latest at @senseofsugar.

Good luck and wishing you and your kids a successful start to the new school year.

Making Sense of Sugar team