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Fitness apps

Apply yourself: a range of fitness apps

The thought of a sweaty gym, a run in the cold rain or getting thrashed at five-a-side is enough to put anyone off an active lifestyle. Besides, exercise is boring, right? Well, these days it doesn’t have to be.



The way in which people can become active is changing.  Opportunities are wide ranging, more engaging and importantly can be fun.  Technology is helping with this – fitness apps can be one way for you and your family to explore and enjoy becoming more active. There are many apps available catering to a wide variety of tastes and budgets which can help make fitting in activities more convenient for your daily routine and lifestyle; making it that little bit easier  especially if you’re time-poor and need a little help with motivation.

You’ll be surprised at the element of fun an app can bring to exercise too – for example, challenging the family to a living room fitness challenge or setting daily goals for everyone to make it more interesting and rewarding .


    Five apps for indoors

    These indoor fitness apps make exercise easy. Whether it's because the weather's bad or you only have 15 minutes spare - these apps have got you covered.


    Five Apps to Get Started

    These apps are great to kick start getting more active. Whether you are looking for a new routine or ways to track your exercise, these apps will help you on your way.


    Five general fitness apps

    From calorie counters to seven minute workouts, check out this selection of general fitness apps


    Five apps for runners

    Whether you’re just starting out with a gentle jog or gearing up for your local 5k (and beyond), these running apps will help you on your way whatever level you’re at. Trainers at the ready…


    Five apps for cyclists

    On your bike. From a neighbourhood cycle ride to a long distance adventure, this selection of apps for cyclists will help you make the most of your ride, wherever you are.


    Five apps for walkers

    Struggle to find the time to exercise? These walking apps can help show that simple changes to your everyday routine can result in some big impacts.


    Five family fitness apps

    These five family-friendly fitness apps are designed to help you and your family have fun being active. Which one will you try today?